Nov. 6th Voting Information

Nov. 6th Voting Information
General Voting Information

You can visit to learn more about 
  • Where to Vote, 
  • What's on Your Ballot, and 
  • How to Register to Vote.
Absentee Voting Information  

City of Beloit: Early voting begins October 16 and ends November 2 at Clerk-Treasurer's Office at City Hall, 100 State Street. For more information, (please click here)

Town of Beloit: Information coming soon. 
Town of La Prairie: Early voting begins October 18. Thursday, October 18 and Thursday, October 25 from 10:00 am until 12:00 noon and Friday, November 2 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Other arrangements may be made by contacting the clerk. For more information, (please click here)

Town of Turtle: Early voting begins October 16. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00 am until 12:00 noon at 6916 S County Road J. Early voting ends Friday, November 2 at 12:00 noon.

You can also visit to learn more about, 
  • How to request an absentee ballot, 
  • How to complete an absentee ballot, and 
  • Where and when you can vote with an absentee ballot. 
Information about the School District of Beloit Turner's Proposed Referendum

You can visit to learn more about the proposed referendum. 

Voters will be required to show a photo ID in order to vote early or on election day. To learn more about acceptable forms of ID, please visit